About Us

Milchem is a project management consultancy specialising in all facets of commercial, contract and procurement issues associated with engineering projects. We have a particular emphasis on achieving outcomes while minimising the commercial risks for clients.

Can we help your organisation?

We have undertaken work for a wide range of clients, from consultants, owners, EPCM, head contractors, subcontractors and specialist vendors on projects of widely varying size and complexity. Below are just of the few of the ways in which we may be able to assist you.

Kanmantoo Copper Mine – Arial View Of Pit

At the project incubation phase:

  • framing any high-level agreements required before the commencement of the project such as joint venture agreements.
  • assistance in selecting the appropriate contract and procurement strategy.
  • identifying and shortlisting suitable organisations to undertake the work.
  • risk analysis and insurances.

At the commencement phase:

  • preparation of project plans.
  • development of tender enquiry documents, contract and procurement terms.
  • preparation of bid offers, including development of suitable qualifications, exclusions.
  • management and supervision.

At the execution phase:

  • tender management, evaluation, recommendation and award.
  • negotiation.
  • drafting of contract documents.
  • head contract, subcontract and supplier management and administration.
  • contract disputes.
  • claims preparation, evaluation and management (including programme analysis).

If its all gone wrong and you need assistance:

  • claim and counterclaim drafting.
  • dispute management and resolution.
  • schedule analysis.
  • litigation management.