Adelaide Desalination Plant Project

Adelaide Desalination Plant Project

Design Manager D&C Commercial Manager

Adelaide Desalination Plant DBOM Project involved the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a 100GL PA reverse osmosis seawater desalination facility on Adelaide’s southern coastline.  The entire project value was approximately $1.8b and took 4 years to bid and construct.

Adelaide Desaliniation Plant - Crane and Segments For Tunnels
Adelaide Desalination Plant - Under Construction

Bid Phase (Oct 2008 – Feb 2009)

In September 2008 the AdelaideAqua DBOM consortium (Abigroup, McConnell Dowell, Acciona Agua and United Utilities Australia) engaged Andrew Milchem as Design Manager for the bid.  The role involved coordinating the Spanish and Australian design teams and producing over 500 drawings, specifications and other documents within a 3 month design window.  The bid was followed by an intense post bid inquiry and negotiation phase over a period of 1½ months during which time a further 2000 pages of documentation and clarification was produced.

Design & Construction Phase (Mar 2009 – Dec 2012)

Following award of the D&C and O&M contracts Andrew Milchem moved to the position of Commercial Manager working for the AbiGroup / McConnell Dowell Joint Venture.  In this position he was responsible for managing the wide range of commercial issues which arose during the project, including;

• Head Contract
• Subcontractors
• D&C Consortium
• Design Consultants
• Government Authorities
• Legal Consultation

• O&M Consortium
• Local Council
• Commercial Leases
• Environmental & Marine
• Project Insurance
• Claim Management